Friday, July 27, 2007

Yea, It's Vacation Time

It is 9:30 pm my 4 year old is still awake, I haven't finished packing yet and neither has my husband. But who cares because tomorrow we are going away!!!!!!


See you all soon!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Asthma in Children

Sooooo we've been dealing with asthma here. My older son recently developed asthma, I guess starting in Jan. This has been his third episode and pretty scary. The MD is ready to put him on twice daily pulmicort, the NP wasn't ready and I am not ready for this either. I think I will try to figure out something else.

  1. First, I will set his room up to be as dust free as possible (my husband did this over the weekend, cleaning room, and buying dust mite covers for everything.)
  2. Second we need to buy him a bed, his old one broke and now his mattress is on the floor.
  3. Third, as soon as I hear a cough I will start him up with pulmicort and xopenex.

If this plan doesn't work, then I will have to do twice daily nebulizer treatments of pulmicort. This will be almost impossible as I have to bribe him just to do the ones were are doing now. At one point he was so tired and lethargic he didn't argue and I was giving him treatments almost every two hours. since they weren't working I brought him to the pediatricians office. They were really worried about him, but after a dose of prednisone and increasing the xopenex and pulmicort he did much better. The only problem there was how he reacted to the prednisone. I had to ask them to decrease that dose because it made him nuts along with the double dose of xopenex. He as like a monster. Once everthing was back to normal and I decreased his meds, his reactions were better.
I wonder if anyone else is in a similar situation and would like to share their suggestions with me? I haven't had a chance to do much research on the net, and will try to look for links to post here.

I liked the Amercan Lung Association's
site on childhood asthma. Now I need some good blog sites.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

PMS perspective

I view PMS as the rose colored glasses being removed with a reality slap across my cheek. A monthly wake up call to wake up and take inventory of everything that is fucked up and needs to be fixed in my life. Afterwards I go back to my slackadaisical ways....

I came across a blog called lala land posting about PMS. I tried to leave a comment, but for some reason it would not post. I just can't resist losing my comment, b.c. I thought it was funny and true.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Help! I need to escape

New Kind of Kick
TURN IT UP and Enjoy!
All I wanted to find was a video of the Cramps performing my new fav. song New Kind of Kick. Because the lyrics say it all:

Life is short
Filled With stuff
Dont know what for
I ain't had enough I learned all I know by the age of nine
But I can better myself if I could only find
Some new kind of kick
Something I ain't had before
Somenew kind of buzz
I want go hog mad
I'm lookin and lookin and lookin for
Somehting I ain't had before
I'm lookin and lookin and lookin and lookin to find
Some new kind of kick
Some new kind of kick
Gimme a kick
I wanna kick
Like baby needs mom
Like Suzy needs Dick
This baby needs some new kind of kick.
I want some new kind of kick
I want some new kind of kick
I want some new kind of kick
I want some new kind of kick
Ohhh I'm lookin and lookin and lookin for
Somethin I ain't had before
I'm lookin and lookin and lookin and lookin to find
Life is short
Filled with stuff
Don't know what for
I ain't had enough
I want some new kind of kick
I want some new kind of kick
I want some new kind of kick
I wa wa wa wha wha waaaaoooww
Draino hot shot
Whack attack
Nitrous oxide
Some new kind of kick

Monday, July 09, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

What a fabulous weekend- went to the Jersey Shore for some funnel cake and fun. There is something to be said about the boardwalk on the Shore. When it gets hot you can always go into the ever clean, cool wonderful world of Jenkinsons Aquarium. I swear I think all of Point Pleasant is owned by the Jenkinson family-including th e 20$ per day parking lot (If you don't get there early enough you have to pay the big bucks.) All and all it is a great time. The water is clean, the beach is fun and the kids, well they are still getting used to the sounds and screams of the ocean. The baby likes the lake by us better-less noisy, but he still had fun-at least in the aquarium. We all ate ice cream and funnel cake-too hot for taffy and fudge this time around!

The boardwalk, is great cheesy fun, there is a rides section (also owned by the Jenkinsons ) that we did not go to this time around. It was just too hot. There is also a lot to be said about people watching there. There are some very interesting exposure ratios. - not exactly eye candy, but worth giggling over. I am still getting used to the Shore being a LI girl myself, and I must say, having kids makes you appreciate a fun boardwalk all over again.

Sunday we spent hanging around the Burg. We hung out by a beautiful secluded stream bed. The baby learned to say salamander after I got excited over finding one (but could not catch it). We saw lots of trout, and a crayfish. My older son really loved wading in the cold water and climbing on the rocks. I am really glad we went down there to check it out. The dragonflies were stunning in their electric blues.

Wow I must be mellowing out in the heat, no rants or raves-yet. My political self seems to be taking a summer break! Must be from work, needing a thought break!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fourth of JULY 2007

I always feel like if it is a holiday I am supposed to post. But about what? Fireworks?

It is cold and raining here, but people are still setting off fireworks. Luckily the kids are totally pooped and slept right thru it. Before they went to bed we watched a little Godzilla Vs. Mechazilla. Totally hysterical. The baby wouldn't watch he brought me book after book to keep from looking at the screen. My older son loved it, but got so hopped up on all the shooting that I was glad when it was over to calm him down.

Earlier in the day we went to the upper lake and fished. The kids had a blast. It was so cold I had trouble finding worms, (my other title is mommy the worm hunter...) the worms were kind of just stunned, and not wriggling. Each kid caught a fish or two as did I and my husband. They are small so throw them back in. I tried to find frogs, but again it was too cold. Even the turtles were hiding. We did see a hawk fly overhead and my older son found a baby bird hiding in a tree. Its momma was nearby freaking out so we left to give the baby a chance to fly home. Kinda the prologue for the movie! (Baby who is part godzilla and part something else goes back with his mother(?) godzilla who defeated mechazilla...after telepathically being told "it is the only way" by one of the people inside the dead mechazilla. It sounds confusing, but is a lot of fun.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Easy Wind

To keep up with the theme of funny things out of the mouth of babes-I have heard a choice few lately and am willing to share.

A month ago my almost four year old son was visiting with his Nani and Poppop. While playing in the back yard he asked my husband "who is that" referring to the Virgin Mary statue in their yard. My husband said, "you know Mary, like on my chain" J walked up to the statue to have a closer look pronouncing I'm bigger!" and ran off happily to play. Leaving his Poppop and father laughing hysterically.

The same son loves Pigpen songs by the Grateful Dead. His father has been playing them a lot lately on the CD player and on his guitar. The other day I am sitting in the living room when my son J walks in singing a line out of Easy Wind: "ballin' that jack and drinkin' my wine" I burst out laughing as I could NOT believe what I was hearing. My son just looked at me and said "it's Pigpen mommy!" It would be pretty funny if he starts singing that at school!

Pig Pen singing Easy Wind

The baby (almost 2) is really getting good at his sentence structure. He likes singing his songs and repeating everything his brother says. So, I am sure I will soon have some funny things to write about what he says. Suffice to say they will be happening sooner than later as he noticed I had my period today (godforbid I should go to the bathroom alone-ever). In case any of you are eating I won't repeat what he said.....