Monday, August 28, 2006

Ok, so I may be a little slow on the news, but this is ridiculous and I could not ignore this article,Sunday School Teacher Dumped for Being Female. When I first saw the link to it from Greg Prince's Blog I thought-well this must be out in the midwest or down south-but NOOOO it is in NY. Watertown, but still this is NY we are talking about. And the guy is a town councilman-man I'd vote him out of office fast if I lived in that town. Misogyny is as misogyny reads-I mean can this be anything else. This guy should not be part of public office. Check out his picture-you'd think he was an old man, but nope he is probably in his late 20's early 30's. City of Watertown

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Saturday, August 26, 2006

This is a must for all Neil Young and Steven Colbert fans!
Neil Young on the Colbert Report

So Pluto is no longer a planet. I will always remember the year pluto got demoted. Jacob turned 3 and Zach turned 1. This is a good way to remember stuff as it seems my memory is fading fast.

We took our younger son to see CSN&Y-it was a terrific concert oh except for the 50-60y/o stoned out drunk freaks, they were annoying. There is nothing more annoying than stoned/drunken AARP's from NJ. You'd think they would've been a bit better behaved at a hippy show, but nooooo! There was almost a fight at the next blanket over (cheap lawn seats), the woman was begging her male primate not to take someting out of his pocket-what was he going to pull at a PEACE concert-a gun? What a freak. At least she warned me she was going to smoke cigarettes - so that my child wouldn't inhale-he was probably contact high anyway from all the pot everyone was smoking around she warns me about her smoking, but not about her boyfriends violent behavior-there is some serious brain work for you. By the end of the show she was so wasted anyway-she would lurch over our blanket and yell "there's the baby!" as if we were her marker to find her own blanket-I guess we were!

Anyway the concert was great! Zach really loved it he danced and waved his binky in the air and even nursed at one point. They sang a lot of my favorite songs and of course "Lets impeach the president" - Lets why don't we!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


This is a terrific link to a interesting sound-listen thru sounds like aliens from a sci fi flick-or as the person who submitted it suggested CICADAS ON ACID