Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Who is the fool from Nevada that stated something along the lines that passing this bill (To stop teenage girls from going into another state to get an abortion if the state they live in requires parental consent.) is for the health of our daughters.

Senate Limits Interstate Abortions for Minors

How bout talking about birthcontrol in schools and making condoms easily available. What is wrong with our government. We are so up a woman's vagina when it comes to health care, but we won't even TALK about condoms. How hypocritical! dumbass hall of fame for John Ensign

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Early spring peacock in the zoo in paramus. Since this sighting all we see now at the zoo is the peacock chasing peahens on the rooftop.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

So far I've been pissed on, there's a broken glass in my sink and I've been invited to my 20th high school reunion all in one morning. So I didn't go to work today-big deal. I am exhausted. One beer and I go to bed at 8:30 wake up at 12:30 w. the baby nursing on me already. I never really fell back to sleep again. So I take a day off big whoop. At least one child is at summercampdaycareschool whatever they feel like calling it-as long as he has fun. The other is up in the crib-practically a miracle if you ask me-sleeping. I am a mommyzombie. Caffeine keeps me afloat.
caffeinated mommyzombie
arabica black
one cup too many
two cups too strong
I need my coffee
each and every morn
errands to run
pottytime rug
time to go
waiting at the door

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

on hold at work, what a drag...I am just not handling things well these days. Maybe writing about it will force me to focus. This whole fulltime work schedule/pt mommy schedule is really turning life upside down. I don't understand how we are supposed to do this and not go totally crazy. How did we end up in this situation? By "we" I mean society as a whole. I think working is very important, but I also think raising children is important and affordable childcare. It is crazy the cost-two kids in ft daycare is over $2,000 per MONTH. I have already paid tuition for college for my child that is almost 3. At one point I had to pay almost $1500 per month for ONE CHILD. WHat will I do when they actually do want to go to college and I dont' have any money. But who really care about this situation? Screw this I am tired of worrying about this or thinking about it-what will be will be. I would rather write about fun things.
Like-like what? What made me laugh today? no poop stories, no mole stories, no faat stories, I did wake up snuggling w. two beautiful children wrapped around me-that certainly makes me happy. Sooner or later something ridiculous will happen today and it will make me laugh, and I will write about it.
Otherwise this is the rant for today- or rather maybe I will list all the things I like to rant about-like Gay marriage and the sanctity of marriage. What a load of crap. What sanctity of marriage? What are we saying, that gay people can't have a sacred union? If marriage is a civil issue then sacredness should not matter. On the other hand what right does anyone have to say that gay peolple cannot have a sacred union? Who gets the final say on what is sacred anyway? Due to time issues: civil first, sacred second.
I think gay people have the same rights as any other person.If gay people want to get married they should be able to do so. Why does the religious right have such a stranglehold on this country. Why does religion have to control anything for that matter-I can't believe that religion can control what is obviously a state issue, and I cannot believe that the state would actually cave on this. Marriage is a civil issue-and excuse my naive interpretation, but if we are a civil nation Then we should behave as a civilized nation and give equal rights for all consenting adults.
I cannot be the only person who feels this way. I really think that the only reason we hear so much about this as being offensive is b.c. our country has been hijacked by a minority of religious fanatics that happened to gain enough control to get a president elected. I certainly hope the rest of the country can get it's act together and see that this has happened and stop it from happening next election. I want to continue living in a free society. Wow enough said for this lunch break I think...