Saturday, October 27, 2007

I am Emily X

Visit I am Emily X. Here you can listen to the
"True Life Diary of A frontline Planned Parenthood worker and activist"
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Here are the true stories of folks who help to make birth control and women's health care, safe,legal and affordable.

Friday, October 26, 2007

arg, attack of the sinusitis

So I started exercising last week, and what do I get for my efforts?

A sinus infection and the worst asthma attack since prior to my pregnancies.

I went from taking evening primrose oil as my only daily pill-to levaquin, abluterol, advair, nasonex, allegra, and tylenol. I must be a message? Exercising is bad for you????? Why oh why did I feel so good afterwards, I felt perhaps muscles re-emerging from a under the saggy baggy mamma body....I won't give up I won't!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Toxic Toys Part 2

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I was reading the local community paper today, and I was surprised to see an article on toxic toys called "Poison Me Elmo" by Leslie Garret. (Click here to listen to Leslie speak at Chemical Free Radio Show) The article centered around four chemicals found in toys that are not regulated, but are known toxins. PVC, Phthalates, and Bisphenol A and PBDEs. All four of these are known to be harmful.

The CDC issued a report stating that more studies need to be done to discover the long term effects of Phthalates on the human body. This was in Jan. of 07. Some research, according to the article in my paper links this chemical to cancer, reproductive disorders and early onset of puberty in girls. This chemical is found in anything used to soften plastics.

PVC is a well known toxin, and I was surprised to find that it is also in everything. PVC free is a great resource for learning more about this toxic chemical found not only in toys but in clothing also. They write:
"You can help build consumer demand for safer, healthier products by avoiding the purchase of PVC. One way to be sure if the packaging of a product is made from PVC is to look for the number “3” inside or the letter “V” underneath the universal recycling symbol. In addition, soft flexible plastic products that are made with PVC often have a distinct odor, such as vinyl shower curtains. If you suspect that a product is made of PVC, contact the product manufacturer and ask them directly about the materials used in the product or packaging and your concerns about PVC."

The Green Guide has this to say about Bisphenol A
"Depending on whom you talk to, BPA is either perfectly safe or a dangerous health risk. The plastics industry says it is harmless, but a growing number of scientists are concluding, from some animal tests, that exposure to BPA in the womb raises the risk of certain cancers, hampers fertility and could contribute to childhood behavioral problems such as hyperactivity."

Washington State Dept. of ecology has a whole Q&A link to concerns regarding PBDEs

The scientific online journal Environmental Science & Technology have also written about the ongoing longterm effect this chemical will have on the environment.

US PIRG On toy safety has a email alert regarding toxic toys.

At the end of the article in my paper they listed toy companies that are considered "SAFE" Plan toys, Haba, Brio, Chicco, Discovery Toys and Lego. They a also suggest, being more careful with toy purchases. I googled going green toys and found these links to be helpful
Hazelnut Kids they sell natural and organic toys. I would be interested in seeing more sites like this that sell healthier, safer toys. But in the long run I think I am just angry, that these chemicals are in the environment and in our childrens toys. I am planning on researching more, and spending more energy looking into ways to clean up our house and make the effort to "Go Green" a little bit more every day.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day
Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

I have been giving this a lot of thought. I know in my own heart that in my household we are not doing enough to help the environment. Yes we recycle, but not everything all the time. Yes we use biodegradable soap, but not dish detergent or washing machine detergent. Yes I try to wash out plastic bags of the ziplock variety and reuse them, but not always. We go through a ton of diapers, and a ton of pullups. All those are doing what now? Sitting in a dump somewhere slowly rotting away. I don't even know, which is also sad.

For the future I plan on purchasing a mulcher for all of our leaves so they don't go to the dump. (We have a lot of leaves here!) I also want to sign up to get a composter and actually put the effort in to composting. Other plans are to buy items with less packaging. (Drug companies are hugely at fault here. Pre-natal vitamin samples alone could fill up a landfill in over packaging.) I also hope that companies like 7th generation who make excellent products would consider refilling bottles of their products. This would be a great way to reuse our resources. Also I think all of our employers could use a little help with paper recycling and wastefulness!

I would also like to congratulate Al Gore for his Nobel Peace Prize and the scientists he shares the prize with. What they have done is simply amazing. I hope with their prize the effort to fight global warming will grow not only on a local level, but nationally as well.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mamma! Did you take my kodachrome away?

So this is how busy I have been. I went to my kodak page to order photos because there is a great deal on 120 photos for $15 (and 10 cents thereafter) I realized I hadn't uploaded any pictures in a long time, but apparently it has been an entire photo free year. I had over 600 pictures to upload from 10/06- 10/07. And I still had to get the red eye out!

Money is a great motivator. I have until 10/15 to finish the job.

UPDATE: I certainly did not save any money-I don't know where I got the extra savings at 10 cents that was NOT true....oh well at least I have a years worth of photos!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I'll Get UP and FLY AWAY

I accidentally heard Wharf Rat while cooking dinner Tuesday night. Now I can't stop thinking about it. The verse
I'll get up and fly way
is so utterly moving to me. It is unbelievable. I don't think that while I was actually listening to the Dead was I so moved by this song. Anyway enjoy here are two versions from you tube. Enjoy! They should've song the fly away part more. I swear I think I heard them do a version where they sang it like five times.....

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Monday, October 08, 2007

blah blah blaaaagh

aaaaaaah! it is already Oct. 8th and I haven't posted for the month of October! I hope I don't forget Blog Action Day and forget to post on 10/15