Friday, November 30, 2007

November is over!?

no time to post!
I can't believe I haven't posted in 10 days.
that being said I finally had a gyn exam and a pap (three years late), plus a primary care MD appt and the cholesterol panel I had due (only 1 year late)...and I started walking at night-ok only one night this week but that is better than nothing! Lets see what else-I need a mammo in march (guess my age here...)and um oh yea, next goal is to read a book.


a post boring , but a post.

Nothing on pvc update,oh but we did get very exciting news. Our good friends adopted a beautiful baby boy who was born 11.21.07! Our family is very excited and can't wait to see the newest member or their household! Congrats Friends! you know who you are!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

PVC in clothing Part 2

I sent of this letter tonight to Fox 5 News:

I saw your show tonight on Bisphenol A and how it is getting into our foods. I have been very interested lately in the toxicity of certain chemicals that are being found in the food we eat, clothing we wear and toys our children play with. I am specifically interested in a company called US Polo Assn who despite the American flag on their clothing, has the clothing made in China. This is a manufacturer who markets clothing to Burlington, Sears, etc. I purchased a toddler jacket for my son, only to find out that the shell was 80% Poly vinyl chloride, a carcinogenic material that stores like Target and Walmart are removing from their shelves. I was surprised that a clothing company would make something this toxic for a child to wear. I wrote to both Burlington (where I purchased the coat and returned it) and to US Polo Assn. They have ignored me. Will Fox 5 investigate?

I picked Fox 5, because I was impressed by their clip on Bisphenol A an estrogen found in canned foods and plastics. I thought they may look into things as clearly I am not getting anywhere with Burlington or US Polo Assn. If you are interested in them doing the story- feel free to write to Fox 5 here.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I know this has been done before, but hell, my kids really made me smile with these two qoutes!

From the mouth of son #1:

"mommy, I feel bad-my heart is broken, but I still love you"

(we were driving home from school/daycare and I don't know why he said this)

From the mouth of son #2:

"I want to sleep with mommy's boob-boobs, they are hot"

(we were in bed and I was trying to get him to sleep, it was a cold night and you know the boobs are warm!)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

sometimes it is all too much for me

i think i am sinking
screaming kids
screaming patients
angry staff
overworked underpaid
stressed out

i didn't even write a note
in my last few charts
because I had to get the kids
why do we overbook?
why don't we care about the clinicians
why am I sinking?

I don't feel like being funny
not even sarcasm is
making its way to my brain
I am sick of

NPR is doing a series on consumerism on the show marketplace. I went to look for the sound clip, but I can't post it. Basically some Harvard professor summed up my existence in a nut shell.
Americans are increasingly tied down by debt -- that's nothing new. But Harvard professor Elizabeth Warren says the rising costs of bare necessities, not luxuries, might change the very nature of America.
Consumer spending on fun things is down. People are living paycheck to paycheck paying for their mortgage, cars to commute to work, daycare, kids clothing. Food is down, giant tvs down she also said something about america changing based upon our financial debt. I need a bail out-sure wish there was farm aid for the middle class

Monday, November 05, 2007

GO Paula GO!!!


This morning on the way to school my four year old son asked me who my favorite super hero is. Little did I know, I would have a *real* answer for him. Paula Radcliffe-Super Hero, Super Mom. She ran the NYC marathon and won in the women's division after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl 9 months ago!

I started crying! Instead of running out the door to do my errands before work or sleeping- I decided to get my flabby ass on the treadmill. I thought of Paula, training throughout her entire pregnancy. I thought of how when I came home from work tired and pregnant I sat on the couch with my two boyfriends: Ben and Jerry-sucking down chubby hubby by the pint full! Thank you Paula for your tremendous inspiration!
I admire you and I thank you!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Toxic Clothing -PVC in Kids Clothing

I am really really angry. I purchased a coat from Burlington Coat Factory that is made by POLO US assn. (not to be confused with Polo Ralph Lauren). This coat was to be for my 2 year old son. I was distracted in the store (shopping with a two year old and a four year old will do that to you) otherwise I probably would've noticed there was something wrong with the coat sooner. I brought it home and took it out to show my husband. When I took it out of the bag I noticed a funny odor. I looked carefully at what it was made of. The very first thing listed was Poly Vinyl Chloride 80%-that is 80% PVC. Not only can't I believe I purchased a coat that can cause cancer. I can't believe that Burlington would actually sell such a product. I have emailed them and am awaiting a response.

Monday I plan on returning the coat and telling them that they should return all the coats back to the manufacturer. I am also writing a letter to the company and informing them about their poor choice in use of materials for clothing. I am absolutely shocked that they would use this material in their clothing. I posted the links to the store and us polo assn. in case anyone else is interested in contacting them to let them know this is not an appropriate material for clothing. When I googled us polo assn I found out sears,among other stores sell their product. I am surprised that these companies would market toxic clothing to our children and our families.

Two Milestones- One Weekend

We did it, we have given up the sippy cup. I am really impressed with the kids. They did a terrific job. Tonight we celebrate by going to Mt. Fuji my older son has been requesting a trip there for about a month. I finally got smart and said "if you really want to go, give up the sippy and we will". He and his younger brother threw them in the garbage on Friday, and we made it through the weekend just fine.

That is milestone number one. Milestone number two was getting a babysitter. My husband and I finally after 4 years went out to hear live music together (without the kids). We got a babysitter I could trust, and went out-excited like two people on their second or third date in love together. We were giddy! We saw Phil Lesh and Friends play at the Nokia theatre in NYC. What fun. Too bad we didn't get there earlier. It would've been nice to walk around NYC a bit - but it was fun hearing good music and dancing just the two of us in a sea of of people.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Wish Us Luck

My kids just chucked their sippy cups into the garbage with the promise of going to the Japanese restaurant on top of the hill near our home.

What is going to happen at 3 am when one of the wakes up wet, needs a change and of course a sippy of milk to go back to bed?

What is going to happen at 5:30am when the 2 year old wakes up and wants to play and we trick him back to bed with a sippy?

Will my husband run out to CVS cursing and screaming at 2 am???? No we will stand firm, and once again be at the short end of the sleep stick.