Monday, November 05, 2007

GO Paula GO!!!


This morning on the way to school my four year old son asked me who my favorite super hero is. Little did I know, I would have a *real* answer for him. Paula Radcliffe-Super Hero, Super Mom. She ran the NYC marathon and won in the women's division after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl 9 months ago!

I started crying! Instead of running out the door to do my errands before work or sleeping- I decided to get my flabby ass on the treadmill. I thought of Paula, training throughout her entire pregnancy. I thought of how when I came home from work tired and pregnant I sat on the couch with my two boyfriends: Ben and Jerry-sucking down chubby hubby by the pint full! Thank you Paula for your tremendous inspiration!
I admire you and I thank you!

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John said...

No matter what, YOU will always be MY Super Hero(ine), Super Mother to my children, Super Worker and MY Super Friend!!!!!