Sunday, November 04, 2007

Two Milestones- One Weekend

We did it, we have given up the sippy cup. I am really impressed with the kids. They did a terrific job. Tonight we celebrate by going to Mt. Fuji my older son has been requesting a trip there for about a month. I finally got smart and said "if you really want to go, give up the sippy and we will". He and his younger brother threw them in the garbage on Friday, and we made it through the weekend just fine.

That is milestone number one. Milestone number two was getting a babysitter. My husband and I finally after 4 years went out to hear live music together (without the kids). We got a babysitter I could trust, and went out-excited like two people on their second or third date in love together. We were giddy! We saw Phil Lesh and Friends play at the Nokia theatre in NYC. What fun. Too bad we didn't get there earlier. It would've been nice to walk around NYC a bit - but it was fun hearing good music and dancing just the two of us in a sea of of people.

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