Tuesday, November 20, 2007

PVC in clothing Part 2

I sent of this letter tonight to Fox 5 News:

I saw your show tonight on Bisphenol A and how it is getting into our foods. I have been very interested lately in the toxicity of certain chemicals that are being found in the food we eat, clothing we wear and toys our children play with. I am specifically interested in a company called US Polo Assn who despite the American flag on their clothing, has the clothing made in China. This is a manufacturer who markets clothing to Burlington, Sears, etc. I purchased a toddler jacket for my son, only to find out that the shell was 80% Poly vinyl chloride, a carcinogenic material that stores like Target and Walmart are removing from their shelves. I was surprised that a clothing company would make something this toxic for a child to wear. I wrote to both Burlington (where I purchased the coat and returned it) and to US Polo Assn. They have ignored me. Will Fox 5 investigate?

I picked Fox 5, because I was impressed by their clip on Bisphenol A an estrogen found in canned foods and plastics. I thought they may look into things as clearly I am not getting anywhere with Burlington or US Polo Assn. If you are interested in them doing the story- feel free to write to Fox 5 here.

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Anonymous said...

You go, girl! I'm with you ALL the way on this one!!

new york city