Sunday, April 22, 2007

Supreme Mistake

Women's health breakdown.
This country is going in the wrong direction. The Supreme Court has made a horrible decision and I know women's health is at stake. To take away the right to abort a fetus is a terrible decision, this is just another stepping stone in the Bush/anti-choice agenda. I feel however they made a decision that is so wrong and so based upon ridiculous assumptions. Did anyone ever really look into why women make this choice? It is for health reasons and that is it. I am very sad and very worried about the future of women's health care.

Planned Parenthood Federation Posts links to PPFAs comments on the supreme court. Scroll down on Our Bodies Our Blog
To see a list of summaries under another link. Here is what the Supreme Court has to say go to docket 05-380 Gonzales v. Carhart.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

A dreamer I will always be

Ok, so nobody cares about uniting workers on this site. Perhaps I am a dreamer of revolution only. I dunno. In my spare time (?) I will write at my other new site about revolution. Here I will simply be a mom struggling in time to create an open site to be creative and share my thoughts with the world. My alter ego the revolutionary can be found at this link perhaps if you are inspired to dream big and have thoughts of a working class/middle class revolt you will join me and my fire inspired rants. In this alternative universe I am a great orator, and inspire people- a dreamer I will always be....

Here I will write about My oldest son who told me yesterday "When I grow up and become a man I will be able to reach the lollipops." (we put them up on the highest kitchen shelf where he and his brother cannot reach) Hi baby brother this morning said the word "pumpernickle" I was impressed, not because it is his favorite bagel, but because he is only 18 months and that is a lot of syllables for one little mouth.

One of my favorite sitings this weekend is my husband going out to feed the birds. The kids get really psyched to see him because he pretends he is a bird too after he fills up the feeder. It is absolutely hysterical to see him flap his "wings" and pretend to hit the window. He gives the window a slap makes a cartoon face and "flies" away, much to the utter happiness of my two boys.

Yesterday we went to the museum of natural history in NYC and had a fabulous time there and walking around central park. I was a great day, making up for the in house rain day we are having today. Tomorrow it is off again to work 11 hours of wage slavery....

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Workers UNITE!

Working Moms National "Sick Out Day" If we all call out sick maybe politicians will take note. WE moms are a force to be reckoned with, not to be ignored! We are the have a powerful voice and if we use our force to show how we impact the economy I know our voices will be heard!!!


I am thinking about revolution. A revolution of the middle class. Specifically, moms rising up to fight the system. Corporate America and all that she sucks out of us. I am a tired mom, a full time working mom and I am pissed off! OBAMA, HILLARY you better take note! I am not the only angry parent out here in the blogosphere. I think we have ourselves a potential for some major grassroots change. Listen up politicians! We moms will not be taken for granted any longer!!!

I think the system has got to change! I think we need to force change if it will not happen alone. I wasn't a STPEC major at UMASS for nothing, something better put that degree to work!

What is going on in this country?? Why do we have to work like dogs to make ends meet? To pay a mortgage? To send kids to daycare/school? to pay bills? I never see my family.

I don't read, I don't exercise, all I do is work, get home give the kids a bath and go to bed! And I am NOT supposed to complain, because at least I am not living in a one bedroom apt. with three other families? BULLSHIT I will voice my opinion. People living like that and like me deserve some respect! We deserve to have a better life! By better I do not mean more "things" by better I mean TIME TO SPEND WITH MY FAMILY!!!! We claim to be a pro-family nation, but we can't even have a system that supports family. All we do is make people work harder to pay more bills.

I want a life, a creative, beautiful life where I am not too tired to be the best mom I can be. Write in your support, lets whip up the establishment! The Revolution will not be televised-It will be blogged!!!