Sunday, April 08, 2007


I am thinking about revolution. A revolution of the middle class. Specifically, moms rising up to fight the system. Corporate America and all that she sucks out of us. I am a tired mom, a full time working mom and I am pissed off! OBAMA, HILLARY you better take note! I am not the only angry parent out here in the blogosphere. I think we have ourselves a potential for some major grassroots change. Listen up politicians! We moms will not be taken for granted any longer!!!

I think the system has got to change! I think we need to force change if it will not happen alone. I wasn't a STPEC major at UMASS for nothing, something better put that degree to work!

What is going on in this country?? Why do we have to work like dogs to make ends meet? To pay a mortgage? To send kids to daycare/school? to pay bills? I never see my family.

I don't read, I don't exercise, all I do is work, get home give the kids a bath and go to bed! And I am NOT supposed to complain, because at least I am not living in a one bedroom apt. with three other families? BULLSHIT I will voice my opinion. People living like that and like me deserve some respect! We deserve to have a better life! By better I do not mean more "things" by better I mean TIME TO SPEND WITH MY FAMILY!!!! We claim to be a pro-family nation, but we can't even have a system that supports family. All we do is make people work harder to pay more bills.

I want a life, a creative, beautiful life where I am not too tired to be the best mom I can be. Write in your support, lets whip up the establishment! The Revolution will not be televised-It will be blogged!!!


Anonymous said...

Well I think you should start paying attention to Gov. Richardson from NM - huge success with social issues in that state and foreign policy experience to boot. Don't let the mass media dictate between their favorite candidates who are usually mediocre at best!

SFSweetness said...

What about Dennis Kucinich?

Workers of the world unite! Stop consuming and the world will change - hit people in their wallets and the change will happen.