Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bird Feeder Fun

I lost the funniest post I never got to write. It was all in my head written a couple of nights ago as I lay awake between snoring children. Somewhere between 2-4am. I couldn't get up, I couldn't sleep. Whatever it was, it made me laugh out loud. Now it is gone and I've got nothing. UGH!!!

The other day my older son came running into the kitchen. I was trying to get ready before work, and really needed a sip of coffee. "Mommy come quick, come quick" he yelled waving his hand for me to come. I was like in my head going what now....i am so tired what does he want.... "Do you want to see something beautiful?" His face lit up with excitement. I went with him to look out the window. There at the birdfeeder was something beautiful a bright red cardinal. "A cardinal mommy a cardinal isn't he beautiful?" "Yes, he his sweety" and so are you I thought to myself and so are you!

My kids and I love looking out our window using Stokes Beginners Guide to Birds to ID birds it is a blast. We have a finch feeder and a regular feeder up. It is amazing how fast the baby is learning to say bird names.

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Anonymous said...

take the kiddies on and look at the eagle cam; the baby should be hatched soon. I caught one of the parents having lunch the other day. It was cool.