Monday, March 12, 2007


Cablevision blows! We get our online service through cablevision and it has been out since Friday

We waited all day for them to come on saturday-ok I didn't wait I was at work- and they never showed. My husband decided to find out why and they said, oh we noticed there were outages in your area so we didn't come....fuckin' brilliant logic. They finally arrive today and HOPEFULLY I will be able to access the internet again. I can't post, can't read my email, I couldn't even post to Poetry Thursday.....I am sooooo frustrated.

On another note, nobody seems to understand the concept of the family bed-I wish I could write about it today, but I ate some taco bell for lunch and I just can't handle the stomach pains. I think I have to take another bathroom break. Taco bell you need to work on your sanitary conditions and what kind of crazy health care provider eats at taco bell anyway!!!!! Oh one that doesn't get a lunch break and who is starving and needs to ask a co-worker to get food. Man don't eat at taco bell. Ok this is a rant and rave post-so sorry. Maybe I will be back tonight with a happy family bed post!


Workin' Man said...
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Workin' Man said...

There are many reasons to hate cable companies when they charge so much. I just found out I can't get my employee service at DISH Network and my only other choice is Comcast. I'd rather go without pay TV than pay cable. DISH is better priced all across the country and HD is free for life for all that qualify. Sorry about your Taco Bell experience though. I have that happen to me all the time because I eat fast food so much, but I'm too lazy to stop.

jesusl.dishnet said...

@ Workin' Man- I am sorry to hear that you cannot get your DISH service. I totally agree with you, it really isn't worth it to pay for cable. I actually work at DISH as well and hopefully you can get DISH in the future. You are right they are offering HD free for life, plus new customers can get up to three HD receivers for free.