Sunday, February 25, 2007

weaning wisdom

It is almost done. I am at day 2, tomorrow is day 3. We know kids are good after three's so I am hoping that after tomorrow the weaning process will be finished! I decided to stop after I came home from work the other day. My son was screaming his head off for "boob boob" the minute I walked in the door with him. I sat him down, tried to feed him and he would not eat. He kept slamming his hand into my breast screaming over and over: "boob boob maamaa boob boob". I let him latch on. He looked up at me with love in his eyes. 15 minutes later he shifted and nearly took my nipple off. I could feel the pain shooting down into my breast. The night before he had ruined my right nipple so the left was all I was offering. I popped him off and said "we are done". He cried, I gave him a bottle and have been giving him one ever since. Whenever he asks I say "boob boob ouch" He is also transitioning into the toddler room at daycare. So I tell him "you are a big boy now, big boys drink from cups". It all seems to be working.

Every night when he wakes up I give him a bottle, no more breast. I just can't take it anymore. Bleeding cracked itchy dry tits are horrible. Engorgement is nothing compared to those other irritations! I am done!!! one more day and I am done!!! My breasts will be mine again. Oh if if my husband gets lucky, maybe I let him touch them again too!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

100th post!!!!

This is my second time trying to post this without losing info!

This is my 100th post. How fitting that I write about something that is near and dear to my heart: Women's Reproductive Freedom.

I read a great article on abortion from Time Magazine. It is called The Grassroots Abortion War. By Nancy Gibbs. The article makes it clear that our president supports fake health care agencies giving out incorrect information about abortions. (Such as abortions cause breast cancer!) These agencies will perform sonograms and use psychological manipulation to help patients decide to continue their pregnancies even after the patient thinks they are going to an abortion provider. I find this manipulative, and disturbing. Especially since they claim to be medical and give out false medical information. I urge all of you to read the article and call an agency in your town. See what type of misinformation they are giving out and write about it on your blog.

Brenda Wilson on NPR morning edition produced a great piece on the HPV vaccine. I only hear half of it. I think anybody with young daughters should listen to this piece to be more informed about this vaccine.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

bloggin' blues

Holy crap my life is busy! upside down busy like crazy maniac momma that I am. I worked an 11 hr shift on monday. I worked last sat. I have to work this sat. I wonder when will I see my kids again. For some reason they put me on the sched. to work every sat!!!! that is NOT going to happen. I can't do it.

This is the first time I have had to look at my blog in weeks. Readership is falling off.....what is a blogger to do? a mommy blogger that is.

I also want to keep up my poetry posts on my other blog birdsword poetry (see link on my link list.this work computer sucks so badly I can't do too many things on it or it freezes up.) gotta go another patient is waiting!!!!! Oh I did it

Monday, February 12, 2007

Freedom to Marry Week

I didn't know it was Freedom to marry week. I support this fully and had to post about it. I really have a lot to say about this and I have posted prior in other areas. I can't write too much now as I have a screaming angry child to tend to -so this post will have to do for now.

I will say this however-the lesbian/gay community deserve the right to get married. The government does not have the legal right to stop this, and religion should not stop the sacred union of love by its own blinding fears.

Fit for a King

Qe gave in, after buying a brand new mattress three years ago, a nice sweet pillow top mattress meant to last a lifetime-we gave in and bought the king version. We can't handle it anymore, and we have given up and letting go of the "family bed". Sleepy's to the rescue-we will be sleeping in style tomorrow night - I even bought brand new sheets today-shit they are expensive! It is ok, we will finally sleep. My husband won't be hanging off the bed, the baby (aka Chen) won't be smooshed into the wall, The three year old (aka RikiTiki) won't be smashed between us. I won't be in pain from laying on my side all night long-we will once again have room.

Thank god we never had enough money to actually buy bedroom furniture, or we never would've gotten the mattress. The good news for my friends is when they come to sleep over (after my mother moves out) they will finally have a descent mattress to lay on and not a rock hard ancient musty thing that some of them complained about. However martyr mother will now complain. She will get the super sweet pillow top and say it is too comfortable. She likes to suffer on a rock hard mattress. I will never win. Once I accept that fact, perhaps life will be better. Until then-it is just me writing this all down for future me to look back and laugh!

*names are from an old family favorite book Rikitikitembo.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Snoring Baby Blues

So it is Wednesday and I haven't posted yet....big deal. While I was unemployed I could post every day. Now that I am working like a crazy person without lunches most of the time, I can't post at work and I can't post at home. Oh dear blog, what have I done? Created a frankenstein? or just a blog without wings. We shall see. Blogging at work is different. No screaming kids, no spouse playing the guitar trying to distract me. I did try to blog on my poetry site and the postings just kept getting lost. Hopefully this will not happen here.

Wow, family must be inspiring, or I am too tired-I have very little to say. Maybe it is lack of sleep. The baby is all stuffed up so it is like sleeping next to a 40 year old man snoring in my ear. OH wait that is what I hear in my right ear, and now also in my left. So it is really is as if I am sleeping between two 40 year old men that snore. Wow, my exciting life. The cure for a stuffed up baby, drop some saline into his nose and suction the snot out with a bulb syringe. For laughs just squirt the stuff across the room and see where it lands. It is green/yellow and sticks like glue. Or do the right thing and squirt it into a tissue. Not so much fun though. The baby HATES this by the way.

Oh as far as names go how does this sound:
3.5 year old- Martin Luther King (MLK) b.c. he is great at passive resistance, plus MLK sounds like milk and he is addicted to that
17month old- will be Ghandi b.c. he is also great at doing passive resistance (you know pick them up they go limp and it is like picking up a sack of lead.)
spouse: spouse'ometer, spendy spice or bluesman

input people, I know you are out there.....
oh how about-
Pavorati for the baby because he has some set of lungs
ReeRah for the 3 year old cuz he wines like those horrible reerah bands (creed etc)
Bluesman for the spouse?
INPUT is good

Friday, February 02, 2007

A mothers whimsy: tales from the munchkin parade

Every time I say the word "disgusting" around my 17 month old he sticks his finger up his nose and laughs. That is because I am constantly saying "that is disgusting" when my 3 1/2 year old sticks his finger up his nose. I just can't win! The baby thinks everything his older brother does is hysterical and worth copying. That includes belly farts, which he is quite good at giving. He loves walking around the kitchen picking up cheerios flung the day before and eating them. I have to constantly sweep up his mess so I don't have to get grossed out by both the mess and his eating off the floor. It is not like we are starving him or anything. He is in a size 3T....

I love when they grab the musical instruments and start playing them-though lately a lot of the instruments seem to be come "Fire shooting sticks" for my older son. They are really cute playing the little crocodile piano and the bongos. The baby has this cool looking dr. seuss musical instrument like toy that he loves to blow into, his brother will march around with the tin whistle (this also becomes a fire shooting stick). They like doing this at around 6:30am, very loudly.

The best is in the morning when he rolls over and says "mama, mama- swack swack swack" three juicy kisses on my cheek. His brother who sleeps between his daddy and I also rolls over and buries his hands in my hair he will say "I want to snuggle up with you mamma" before he gets out of bed in search of his father who always has a glass of milk ready.

Today was Pajama Day at school for the 3 1/2 year old (I am going to have to think of unreal code names for them soon this number thing is a pain). Pay 5 bucks to the leukemia fund and you get to walk around in PJ's all day. It is a great idea, the kids had a blast, plus they had pancake breakfast. He also announced on the car ride home that he likes donuts, especially "munchins". (Not a typo he just calls them that.)