Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Snoring Baby Blues

So it is Wednesday and I haven't posted yet....big deal. While I was unemployed I could post every day. Now that I am working like a crazy person without lunches most of the time, I can't post at work and I can't post at home. Oh dear blog, what have I done? Created a frankenstein? or just a blog without wings. We shall see. Blogging at work is different. No screaming kids, no spouse playing the guitar trying to distract me. I did try to blog on my poetry site and the postings just kept getting lost. Hopefully this will not happen here.

Wow, family must be inspiring, or I am too tired-I have very little to say. Maybe it is lack of sleep. The baby is all stuffed up so it is like sleeping next to a 40 year old man snoring in my ear. OH wait that is what I hear in my right ear, and now also in my left. So it is really is as if I am sleeping between two 40 year old men that snore. Wow, my exciting life. The cure for a stuffed up baby, drop some saline into his nose and suction the snot out with a bulb syringe. For laughs just squirt the stuff across the room and see where it lands. It is green/yellow and sticks like glue. Or do the right thing and squirt it into a tissue. Not so much fun though. The baby HATES this by the way.

Oh as far as names go how does this sound:
3.5 year old- Martin Luther King (MLK) b.c. he is great at passive resistance, plus MLK sounds like milk and he is addicted to that
17month old- will be Ghandi b.c. he is also great at doing passive resistance (you know pick them up they go limp and it is like picking up a sack of lead.)
spouse: spouse'ometer, spendy spice or bluesman

input people, I know you are out there.....
oh how about-
Pavorati for the baby because he has some set of lungs
ReeRah for the 3 year old cuz he wines like those horrible reerah bands (creed etc)
Bluesman for the spouse?
INPUT is good


Anonymous said...

hm - a mother's perception is quite different. Passive Resistance?

I would call the older one something loud - I'm trying to think of the loudest sound I can imagine...he screams like the girl in Little Miss Sunshine. Sam Kinison?

And the younger one, well, he's the biggest baby in the world...Churchill, or Gerber.

of course I only see them in passing and the schedule is off because a visitor is there.

that's as inspired as I can get on a rainy afternoon.

oh, and the hubby - stick w/bluesman.

what about your mom?

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