Sunday, February 25, 2007

weaning wisdom

It is almost done. I am at day 2, tomorrow is day 3. We know kids are good after three's so I am hoping that after tomorrow the weaning process will be finished! I decided to stop after I came home from work the other day. My son was screaming his head off for "boob boob" the minute I walked in the door with him. I sat him down, tried to feed him and he would not eat. He kept slamming his hand into my breast screaming over and over: "boob boob maamaa boob boob". I let him latch on. He looked up at me with love in his eyes. 15 minutes later he shifted and nearly took my nipple off. I could feel the pain shooting down into my breast. The night before he had ruined my right nipple so the left was all I was offering. I popped him off and said "we are done". He cried, I gave him a bottle and have been giving him one ever since. Whenever he asks I say "boob boob ouch" He is also transitioning into the toddler room at daycare. So I tell him "you are a big boy now, big boys drink from cups". It all seems to be working.

Every night when he wakes up I give him a bottle, no more breast. I just can't take it anymore. Bleeding cracked itchy dry tits are horrible. Engorgement is nothing compared to those other irritations! I am done!!! one more day and I am done!!! My breasts will be mine again. Oh if if my husband gets lucky, maybe I let him touch them again too!

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Kandice said...

Congratulations on getting your boobs back! It's hard juggling working, kids, family, and yourself. Hang in there!