Friday, February 02, 2007

A mothers whimsy: tales from the munchkin parade

Every time I say the word "disgusting" around my 17 month old he sticks his finger up his nose and laughs. That is because I am constantly saying "that is disgusting" when my 3 1/2 year old sticks his finger up his nose. I just can't win! The baby thinks everything his older brother does is hysterical and worth copying. That includes belly farts, which he is quite good at giving. He loves walking around the kitchen picking up cheerios flung the day before and eating them. I have to constantly sweep up his mess so I don't have to get grossed out by both the mess and his eating off the floor. It is not like we are starving him or anything. He is in a size 3T....

I love when they grab the musical instruments and start playing them-though lately a lot of the instruments seem to be come "Fire shooting sticks" for my older son. They are really cute playing the little crocodile piano and the bongos. The baby has this cool looking dr. seuss musical instrument like toy that he loves to blow into, his brother will march around with the tin whistle (this also becomes a fire shooting stick). They like doing this at around 6:30am, very loudly.

The best is in the morning when he rolls over and says "mama, mama- swack swack swack" three juicy kisses on my cheek. His brother who sleeps between his daddy and I also rolls over and buries his hands in my hair he will say "I want to snuggle up with you mamma" before he gets out of bed in search of his father who always has a glass of milk ready.

Today was Pajama Day at school for the 3 1/2 year old (I am going to have to think of unreal code names for them soon this number thing is a pain). Pay 5 bucks to the leukemia fund and you get to walk around in PJ's all day. It is a great idea, the kids had a blast, plus they had pancake breakfast. He also announced on the car ride home that he likes donuts, especially "munchins". (Not a typo he just calls them that.)


Brooklyn Frank said...

hmmm. i want to institute pajama day at work, but i doubt they'll go for it. they scoffed at my hot-tub in the break room idea. jerks.

Yasamin said...

i'm gonna have to take the time to get hired at frank's job just to vote YAY on the pajama day. lol

my pal calls her kids stalin and marx. lol sometimes hussein and iatola. ;P

Birdsword said...

I love stalin and marx!
howz about the three stooges larry, mo and curly that would count the spouse and the two boys...nah, something better