Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Morning Crazies

What kind of crazy life do you lead?

Here is my Tuesday and let me know what you think.

Got up after nursing the baby around 6:45
(my husband had been up since 5:30 got the baby a bottle, started lunch prep, and tried to feed the baby,took a shower and left by 7:10am)

I took my shower while playing peekaboo with the baby, I got dressed back in my pj's cuz I have learned not to get into my work clothing until after I have everyones teeth brushed. I got the baby changed and dressed, fed my three year old, and ate my breakfast w/ the baby.

It is now 7:15 am. I filled out the form for daycare, let the baby practice sitting on the potty, let him fling tupperware all over the kitchen while I emptied the dishwasher, prepped my lunch, changed the babies diaper again(poop this time)

It is now 7:30 time to start working on the three year old to get him dressed. He picked out which batman underwear he wanted to wear, fought me over the shirt and finally put his pants and socks on. We then played dragons w/ sock puppets on both children, finally took vitamins and brushed is now 7:45am.

I got both kids downstairs, got their jackets on, hats, shoes, mittens, warmed up the car threw out the garbage, cleaned up the tupperwear, wiped down the counters, let my older son play with his trains and finally -finally got them into their car seats. I was out the door by 8:08 and left daycare by 8:38am. By the time I walked into my office at 9 am I was EXHAUSTED! But what a great morning we had!!!


Kandice said...

Your morning craziness sounds very least from my working days. It will get a little easier, although not necessarily better. My favorites were the days we went through all of that, got the kids in their car seats and half-way to their school one of the kids projectile vomits in the car. Bonus.

Birdsword said...

next to that is, "mom, I gotta go potty" while the other one decides he needs a diaper change...