Monday, January 01, 2007

working mamma blues

I am getting ready to go back to work....sigh. January 8th is my official return to the workforce date. While I am very excited I am also sad. My 3 yr old said to me "mommy I have a secret...I don't want you to go back to work, I will miss you." I almost cried. I explained to him that I have to work and that it is important. Still, I wish I didn't have to work so much. At least now my commute will only be 15 min. from home and about the same from the daycare. I think it will be an ok adjustment.

That being said I am now scrambling to finish all the things I need to get done before I get back to work:
1. put the pictures of the baby in his photo album-first 15 months of life
2. put family pictures from the past 17months in a photo album
3. order the above pictures from kodak
4. get the letter written for the book I wrote
5. pick a publisher for the book I wrote
6. print out the book I wrote and send it to a publisher
7. have lots of sex before I am too exhausted from working

I wrote a children's book that I am really excited about, but that I haven't had the chance to finish up and send out. I really want to do this because ever since I was a kid all I ever wanted to do was write a book (besides being the first female president of the US, a marine biologist and a nature photographer for national geographic...)

Tomorrow we are going to the American Museum of National History in NYC. So that means I have wed, thurs, and friday to get all the above done before I become workforce woman all over again.

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