Thursday, January 25, 2007

A post whilst nursing

I have been slacking on the post-even my weekly poetry blogging may be forced to become monthly...I haven't had a moment to myself. Right now I am posting while nursing. Difficult, but not impossible to do.

Today at work I assisted during the sonos for women getting abortions. This was interesting and difficult. You have to view the products of conception after the procedure to make sure the MD got the entire fetus and sac out. When the fetus is about 11 weeks or so you can really see a lot but it is all about the size of a thumb nail. Like a little alien. I think it would be difficult work to sift thru the products everyday. I guess that is why it is only done once a week at the facility I was at. I am certainly pro choice and think it is up to every woman to decide what she will do. I am also glad these women were all offered birth control upon leaving.

On another note I discovered that the baby loves the Sex Pistols-especially the anarchy song. He gets a real kick out it. He loves bouncing around in his booster seat eating and listening to music. Other favs include: "happy birthday", and "frosty the snowman" with his big brother. The big guy currently forces us to listen to Feliz Navidad by El Vez while running around singing it at the top of his lungs. I wish the christmas cds would get put away already!

That is about it, oh except that I miss my best friend and wish she could be here for her 40th birthday with all her east coast buddies!

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