Wednesday, January 03, 2007

15 minutes to post

I went for a beautiful hike in Harriman State Park today. It was gorgeous. The woods were lit up by sunlight. Because of all the rain we are getting it almost smelled like spring. The streams and brooks were full and running softly over the rocks. I went alone, which was great. I wasn't scared and felt terrific pressing my hands up against some ancient silver birch trees and watching the skies for bird life. What a pleasant surprise 50 degree weather in January. I am so glad I live close to the park, it was one of the reasons I agreed to move up here. (It certainly wasn't for our lovely strip mall....)

Time to go soon, gotta get the kids, make dinner, finish laundry-what is up with laundry does it ever end? and .... anything else? not sure I am not sure. oh, go to the library and return the fabulous Maurice Sendak book- In the Night Kitchen. My son loves to point out that Mikey is naked and say-"mommy, that's his tushaay" He pronounces tush like he is from the south. He loves the book so much he has it practically memorized. We also had to pick him up his own copy. So many thanks to you Mr. Sendak for your lovely writing. I grew up on his books and plan to give my boys the same enjoyment.

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