Saturday, January 27, 2007

white bar to blue circle

What a beautiful afternoon for a quick hike in Harriman. I went on the white bar trail at the end of Johnstontown Rd. The hike was spontaneous and a different route. I left around 2:50pm so it was kind of blue grey and cold. I was a little nervous hiking alone at this time especially because I was going into the woods instead of staying on the wider trail. I hiked along the rocks and crossed over a partly frozen stream, thought about hibernating bears and said to hell with it why bother turning back. Last weekend a girl got lost hiking in the woods and she wasn't found until about 1 in the morning-I certainly did not want to be in her shoes. But I wasn't ready to turn around and give up. I wanted to see where this path would lead me.

The hike was spectacular. I went up on some ice covered rocks onto a rock out cropping. I climbed to the top and could see the Reeves Meadow parking lot. The sky was so pretty with thinning white clouds a bit of blue amidst the gray and dark blue mountains in the distance. It was very cold, but worth the walk. I would've gone further, but it was getting late and dark. I still had to be able to see the white bars on the tree to get back to the car. I was back by four.

Thank goodness for Harriman!

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