Thursday, January 11, 2007

1, 2, 3 YOU'RE OUT!

So hopefully Planned Parenthood is down with and they aren't going to fire me for missing a day of work in my first week there. They just eliminated their archaic policy of 6 months and no vacation or sick leave down to 3 months so no pay today.

Holy crap things went from bad to worse. Not to mention the daycares three strikes and your out policy-that is to say three diarrhea diapers and momma gets a phone call. My kids been pooping out the wet stuff about 5 times per day, each one requiring a change of clothing. That new huggies leak lock just doesn't lock his technicolor stank in! My husband had to go to work today - he has been taking care of the kids since Monday. The plan was for us both to go to work today and my sons to go to "school". Suddenly last night my oldest developed an asthma like response to the cold air and I was up all night with him/listening/watching/praying. I stayed home to take him to the Dr. get a nebulizer treatment and bring the damn thing home to start round the clock albuterol treatments. (He thought that meant "treat" not treatment so at first he was psyched than he screamed than I caved and gave in to m&m's post nebulizer...) Thankfully he is doing much better but, the baby just keeps poopin'!

Luckily my mom is coming tomorrow to watch my 3yr old and I am dosing my baby with his iron vitamins tonight and tomorrow to keep the three strikes and your out policy down to a possible 1 giant explosion. (Iron is a well known constipator) I know that sounds kind of cruel, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I can't ask my mom to watch the two of them! I need to find a babysitter. Anyone out there know how to find a reliable babysitter besides hiring a potential serial killer from craigs list?Link


Kandice said...

Have you tried the Isomil DF formula? The "DF" stands for diarrhea formula. It clears it up in about a day. It's hard to find, but if you can get your hands on some, it's great.

Birdsword said...

thanks for the good idea! I will look for it today.

SFSweetness said...

are there serial killers on craig's list? I hope I don't meet one of them when I place my next ad!

Anonymous said...
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