Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Surprise! I really love work...

It is true, I really love being back at work. What I don't love is a miscommunication between myself and my supervisor at my new job. They are big ones too.

1. if I work a Sat. I thought I would get a day off, not true-Sat. hours are from 10-2 I still have to work half a day on Friday and get the rest of the day off. This is sort of ok, but not what I thought I signed up for. I prefer full day Saturday, with another whole day during the week off.

2. I have to work one night a week from 11-9pm. There are major daycare issues here. I have to now find someone to pick the kids up from 6pm until my husband gets home at 6:45. This blows. It is bad enough they are in daycare all day long, now I won't get to see them when I get home. (They are supposed to be in bed by 8:30-9pm)

I dunno what to do here. I really want to work for planned parenthood, I like my immediate supervisor a lot, but I am not thrilled with all this info that I didn't know I was signing on for. I
really don't know what to do. Any suggestions?


Kandice said...

They didn't tell you this before you accepted the position? Not very professional in my opinion. That does present a child care challenge. If you love the job, other than the scheduling issues, then do the best you can with finding a sitter for that time period. I still think it stinks that they didn't let you know ahead of time.

Birdsword said...

I found out about the evening thing when I called up regarding my offer letter. HR put me thru to my supervisor who told me I needed to work at least one eve. they really wanted two. I said ok. Later I found out about the sat. issue. I knew I was going to work every other sat. but was told I would get a day off in the week. I didn't know it was a half day only....and that sat. hours were only 4 hours.

Anonymous said...

Hi Roberta
Keep the job for now and start looking around for another one. You shouldn't have to work nights and weekends.

ps - what's MUTZ?

Happy to get caught up w/ you!