Monday, February 12, 2007

Fit for a King

Qe gave in, after buying a brand new mattress three years ago, a nice sweet pillow top mattress meant to last a lifetime-we gave in and bought the king version. We can't handle it anymore, and we have given up and letting go of the "family bed". Sleepy's to the rescue-we will be sleeping in style tomorrow night - I even bought brand new sheets today-shit they are expensive! It is ok, we will finally sleep. My husband won't be hanging off the bed, the baby (aka Chen) won't be smooshed into the wall, The three year old (aka RikiTiki) won't be smashed between us. I won't be in pain from laying on my side all night long-we will once again have room.

Thank god we never had enough money to actually buy bedroom furniture, or we never would've gotten the mattress. The good news for my friends is when they come to sleep over (after my mother moves out) they will finally have a descent mattress to lay on and not a rock hard ancient musty thing that some of them complained about. However martyr mother will now complain. She will get the super sweet pillow top and say it is too comfortable. She likes to suffer on a rock hard mattress. I will never win. Once I accept that fact, perhaps life will be better. Until then-it is just me writing this all down for future me to look back and laugh!

*names are from an old family favorite book Rikitikitembo.

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Anonymous said...

how can you stand sleeping with so many people in one bed? although, I guess this is the norm for many people. I bet your mom is going to like the new mattress so much she will never want to leave it!