Friday, October 26, 2007

arg, attack of the sinusitis

So I started exercising last week, and what do I get for my efforts?

A sinus infection and the worst asthma attack since prior to my pregnancies.

I went from taking evening primrose oil as my only daily pill-to levaquin, abluterol, advair, nasonex, allegra, and tylenol. I must be a message? Exercising is bad for you????? Why oh why did I feel so good afterwards, I felt perhaps muscles re-emerging from a under the saggy baggy mamma body....I won't give up I won't!


Holly said...

Feel better!

So is it "bird sword" or "birds word"? It's probably the second one, but "bird sword" sounds so cool that I just have to check.

Birdsword said...

It is both, started out as the second one, but after I saw what it looked like I figured it could be both. (though I am not feeling very mighty these days.)

thanks for the stop and scrawl