Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day
Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

I have been giving this a lot of thought. I know in my own heart that in my household we are not doing enough to help the environment. Yes we recycle, but not everything all the time. Yes we use biodegradable soap, but not dish detergent or washing machine detergent. Yes I try to wash out plastic bags of the ziplock variety and reuse them, but not always. We go through a ton of diapers, and a ton of pullups. All those are doing what now? Sitting in a dump somewhere slowly rotting away. I don't even know, which is also sad.

For the future I plan on purchasing a mulcher for all of our leaves so they don't go to the dump. (We have a lot of leaves here!) I also want to sign up to get a composter and actually put the effort in to composting. Other plans are to buy items with less packaging. (Drug companies are hugely at fault here. Pre-natal vitamin samples alone could fill up a landfill in over packaging.) I also hope that companies like 7th generation who make excellent products would consider refilling bottles of their products. This would be a great way to reuse our resources. Also I think all of our employers could use a little help with paper recycling and wastefulness!

I would also like to congratulate Al Gore for his Nobel Peace Prize and the scientists he shares the prize with. What they have done is simply amazing. I hope with their prize the effort to fight global warming will grow not only on a local level, but nationally as well.


Krissy said...

Everyone can make a difference! If you are passionate about stopping global warming and the environment you should check out this website . Changing to CFLs is a great way for individual people to really make a difference! You should also check out this site for more ideas on how to help our world!

SFSweetness said...

I'm still having problems loading your site - takes forever to be able to scroll...

Also, in CA you can call the electric company and have them come out to your home and do an energy evaluation for free. I live in an apartment and they gave me CFL's for all of my lights and it was free. They also evaluated the windows and refrigerator. I wonder if your power/electric company has the same type of program? It is worth it to save money and to save the environment! And all it requires is a phone call or some web surfing to set it up.