Thursday, June 29, 2006

So I guess I can get kinda fancy w/ a blog-but I really don't have time for that...yet. I didn't wake up in pee today. Well, the little one did have a soaked diaper. I woke up w/ the little guy pulling my hair and smiling at me, while myolder child (not yet 3) had his hands wrapped in my hair. Man its a good thing Ihave a lot of hair, no wonder moms go bald after they have kids.

Nothing funny happened today-yet. Nothing made me cry on NPR today -yet. I haven't even had a chance to read the paper in a week or two. Oh, something did make me laugh. I was going to the bathroom this morning w/ my 10 m old sitting on the floor laughing at me . My 2+yearold comes running in w/ his Thomas the tank engine catalog and starts showing me all the trains he wants for his birthday. All I wanted to do was you know, poop. So much for quite time...oh and my husband came in too, just to keep the baby from closing the door on his fingers. Where were the neighbors, resident mole and my cat??? (obviously clueless about the mole or there wouldn't be one)

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