Sunday, December 24, 2006

43 things

I was going to work on a list for my 2007 resolutions. Instead my friend directed my to this site called 43 things I really like it a lot. It shows you with other people all over the world who are interested in doing the same things as you, plus it will set up an email reminder to let you know that you wanted to do a certain thing. Like mine is set up in a month to remind me about how badly I love to kayak, and how I want to start doing more of it next year.

You can cheer on other people, update your info, post to your blog (this isn't working for me in beta blogger for some reason) and just kind keep tabs on your list. If you are like me and don't really do a list b.c. you know you are a. not going to ever find the list, or b. too lazy to write one and think your memory is good enough to remember everything than I think this is the site for you. Check it out, it can't hurt!

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