Sunday, September 23, 2007

weekend o' fun

Favorite part of today:
getting into the canoe with the kids (for the very first time!)

funniest part of the day:
watching my 2 year old imitate his older brothers transformaton half nekkid around the back yard.

scariest part of the day:
me screaming at the kids because they never napped and I needed to count to ten or have a beer.....

most fabulous part of the day:
hearing my four year old play the piano and make up songs as he went a long.

other most fab part of the day:
getting to snuggle with my husband while the kids watched Sun. morning cartoons! (this has been something we have been waiting for!

BESTEST part of the weekend (in two parts):
Seeing my best friend after almost a year of not getting to see her! Plus, finally getting to meet (and like) the man who got my best friend prego! (she looks fabulous!)

I miss her already!!!!

and I don't even have a pic.

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