Sunday, February 17, 2008

Writing for Women's History Month

Over at What Tami Said there is a Women's History Blog Carnival from March 1st-13th. Submissions are due by Feb. 28th. For any woman who is interested in submitting a post, visit the above link to find out what the criteria are.

I think it sound fairly interesting. I hope to have something ready for the deadline. I am not sure that I will as I haven't really had any writing time for myself in quite awhile. It is odd, apparently I have either time to exercise or time to blog - not both. Considering that I am turning 40 next month and my cholesterol has been high for the past couple of years-I actually need to start getting healthier. So exercise has been winning out. I have a fear of becoming a medical statistic of family abandonment. But that is a whole other thing to write about. Anyway I really enjoy What Tami Said and I think that the carnival should be an interesting read.

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