Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Drowning in Puke and Poop Version 2.0

Oh my god, let me say that the virus in its second wave has hit the household. First, Crusher (almost 2 years old) at 4:30 am Monday morning-day of my 11 hour shift. Second, Steamroller(almost 4 years old) hit hard at 10 pm. By that time the baby is awake and bouncing off the walls yelling: "Look puke, puke! Throw up! Puke!" and pointing to all the pukey places on the couch. I hope to upload the video of this to you tube, because damn if my kid isn't hysterical!

The baby stayed home with my husband on Monday. By the time I was getting ready to go to work, he was done puking. After my shift was over I arrived home around 9pm, both kids asleep, plenty of downtime to discuss my anxiety dreams from watching the Sopranos season finale the night before. (I couldn't sleep I kept tossing and turning about Janice...) When all of a sudden, 10pm rolls around and Steamroller gets bit by the bug. At this point I am running on very little sleep and I realize that I will be getting even less sleep now, especially when my son says to me "Mommy, when I need you, I need you" after his third or fourth episode of projectile vomiting.

Let me just say that hearing the big guy puke up bile at 1 am was terrible. He and I slept on the couch together. Anytime he stirred I woke up fast, bucket in hand to catch the B rated monster movie bleck. It was like a horror movie including his moans and gags.

good god! what was this vomit virus creator thinking?
Version 2.0 is mad fast, furious and basically gone in 4 hrs. That is, four hours of vomit. The next day getting the kids to eat anything has been difficult. The baby just wants to drink. Hence the drowning in poop part, or rather....diarrhea that spills OUT OF THE DIAPER...GAG!!!

On this very same day the dryer repair man arrived (gracia a dios!) and fixes our dryer-in time for poop round 2, 3 and 4. I run a load of towels and we all nap (not the dryer guy he left....) I wake up 2 hours later. A nap well appreciated, and go downstairs to check on the towels. And what is that? My olfactory senses are exploding: GAS LEAK! Great. I call the gas company, they arrive and 3 citations later I learn we did indeed have a gas leak from the dryer repair man who messed up the hose. The new repair guy turns off the gas to the dryer so that the leak would be temporarily fixed. We will be lacking a dryer until the next repair person arrives tomorrow to fix the hose. (But at least we still have hot water.)

I am just hoping that tomorrow this doesn't turn out to be a huge problem. So I can finish the wash. I also hope that the kids have some solid poop tomorrow. Because daycare has the 3 strikes your out policy on diarrhea. Please please please let the cheerios work!

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