Friday, June 08, 2007

A years worth of blogger

The baby fell asleep singing his favorite night time song. I don't know how to sing it in French, but it is the same song as brother john is sleeping. He was pretty funny singing it. The baby is usually very funny. When he is just about ready to fall asleep, but is fighting it, he will say "poop poop" it took us a while to realize that this was just a ruse. We used to get up and look. Now he says it, we ignore him and he goes right to bed. He also loves to wake up at around five and sing: Nookie nookie nookie, nookie nookie nookie! at the top of his lungs until we get up and get him milk. I guess I can't call him the baby anymore, he will be two soon. I still gotta come up with hip blogger names for them. Oh The Crusher is the baby and Steam Roller is his big brother. I forgot.....this comes from how they wake us up in the morning

Well that is it for tonight, I just realized that I have been writing here for about 1 year now! I can't believe it. A years worth of blogging....crazy. I can't say that I have had time to check out new blogs, I love the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas random blog pick. It is fun, but I haven't seen anything fabulous lately-I guess because I have been too busy to really get a chance to read them. I miss Blogher That was a very informative site, but I found that a lot of the women there link only to their friends, and very rarely will add a new person onto their site. In fact I found it very cliquish in that sense. Which is kind of sad really. I am rambling now, I guess it is time for bed. Oh and I just checked out the True Dad Confessions, I think I will stick to True Mom Confessions It is way more interesting. Plus I don't have to read about shaving balls and blowjobs. One guy did say, another guy would get more bj's if he washed and shaved his balls more often and....hung out at the Y.

That is it for now!

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