Monday, June 25, 2007

working mamma blues part2

Arg-after a long week end off I am back to work 12-8pm. Tomorrow I have to be out the door before the kids wake up. So that makes 1 1/2 days without seeing them. I am really sad.

Sometimes work just wears you down....but at least we had a fun filled weekend outside. Zoo on Friday with the entire E. Coast kid clan. Sat a day in the park bike riding, stroller walking and kite flying. Sat. afternoon-snapper turtle siting, mud jumping and frog hunting. Sun. relax and bbq!

Monday am-got rid of some toys clutter cleanup always feels good. But I miss my kids (already!) and I wished I got to kiss them goodbye a bit more. It will be see you later, but not for a few days. Makes me think of all the moms who have to kiss their kids goodbye and go to another country to find work. Maybe to not see their children for years. That really makes me cry! I meet these courageous moms every day. If I had the words in Spanish I would ask them is it really worth it? All the sadness missing their children to come here to this crazy country, live in poverty and work so hard? But I guess they have to do it. All I can say to them, is I am so sorry I know how hard this must be for you.

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Anonymous said...

It is tough to be away from your kids and work all the time. Weekends make it all worthwhile though.

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