Sunday, July 01, 2007

Easy Wind

To keep up with the theme of funny things out of the mouth of babes-I have heard a choice few lately and am willing to share.

A month ago my almost four year old son was visiting with his Nani and Poppop. While playing in the back yard he asked my husband "who is that" referring to the Virgin Mary statue in their yard. My husband said, "you know Mary, like on my chain" J walked up to the statue to have a closer look pronouncing I'm bigger!" and ran off happily to play. Leaving his Poppop and father laughing hysterically.

The same son loves Pigpen songs by the Grateful Dead. His father has been playing them a lot lately on the CD player and on his guitar. The other day I am sitting in the living room when my son J walks in singing a line out of Easy Wind: "ballin' that jack and drinkin' my wine" I burst out laughing as I could NOT believe what I was hearing. My son just looked at me and said "it's Pigpen mommy!" It would be pretty funny if he starts singing that at school!

Pig Pen singing Easy Wind

The baby (almost 2) is really getting good at his sentence structure. He likes singing his songs and repeating everything his brother says. So, I am sure I will soon have some funny things to write about what he says. Suffice to say they will be happening sooner than later as he noticed I had my period today (godforbid I should go to the bathroom alone-ever). In case any of you are eating I won't repeat what he said.....

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