Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fourth of JULY 2007

I always feel like if it is a holiday I am supposed to post. But about what? Fireworks?

It is cold and raining here, but people are still setting off fireworks. Luckily the kids are totally pooped and slept right thru it. Before they went to bed we watched a little Godzilla Vs. Mechazilla. Totally hysterical. The baby wouldn't watch he brought me book after book to keep from looking at the screen. My older son loved it, but got so hopped up on all the shooting that I was glad when it was over to calm him down.

Earlier in the day we went to the upper lake and fished. The kids had a blast. It was so cold I had trouble finding worms, (my other title is mommy the worm hunter...) the worms were kind of just stunned, and not wriggling. Each kid caught a fish or two as did I and my husband. They are small so throw them back in. I tried to find frogs, but again it was too cold. Even the turtles were hiding. We did see a hawk fly overhead and my older son found a baby bird hiding in a tree. Its momma was nearby freaking out so we left to give the baby a chance to fly home. Kinda the prologue for the movie! (Baby who is part godzilla and part something else goes back with his mother(?) godzilla who defeated mechazilla...after telepathically being told "it is the only way" by one of the people inside the dead mechazilla. It sounds confusing, but is a lot of fun.

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