Monday, July 09, 2007

Wonderful Weekend

What a fabulous weekend- went to the Jersey Shore for some funnel cake and fun. There is something to be said about the boardwalk on the Shore. When it gets hot you can always go into the ever clean, cool wonderful world of Jenkinsons Aquarium. I swear I think all of Point Pleasant is owned by the Jenkinson family-including th e 20$ per day parking lot (If you don't get there early enough you have to pay the big bucks.) All and all it is a great time. The water is clean, the beach is fun and the kids, well they are still getting used to the sounds and screams of the ocean. The baby likes the lake by us better-less noisy, but he still had fun-at least in the aquarium. We all ate ice cream and funnel cake-too hot for taffy and fudge this time around!

The boardwalk, is great cheesy fun, there is a rides section (also owned by the Jenkinsons ) that we did not go to this time around. It was just too hot. There is also a lot to be said about people watching there. There are some very interesting exposure ratios. - not exactly eye candy, but worth giggling over. I am still getting used to the Shore being a LI girl myself, and I must say, having kids makes you appreciate a fun boardwalk all over again.

Sunday we spent hanging around the Burg. We hung out by a beautiful secluded stream bed. The baby learned to say salamander after I got excited over finding one (but could not catch it). We saw lots of trout, and a crayfish. My older son really loved wading in the cold water and climbing on the rocks. I am really glad we went down there to check it out. The dragonflies were stunning in their electric blues.

Wow I must be mellowing out in the heat, no rants or raves-yet. My political self seems to be taking a summer break! Must be from work, needing a thought break!

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