Sunday, December 30, 2007

NFL HELL/Saved by Flavor Flav

3 yes, you heard me 3 fucking channels of NFL football last night. So much for watching TV. Between HBO re-runs and football there was nothing on. But why 3 channels? CBS, ABC (?) and whatever channel 9 is here. WHY??? I don't recall this ever happening before.

I felt bad for all the poor dudes in the sports bars around the nation. I am sure they didn't know which channel to look at first. I imaged the headlines the next day :
AP reports Local Hospitals Inundated With Drunken Whiplashed Men. ER doctors reported: "The 20 -30 somethings were drunk with whiplash, while all the over 40's ended up in the cardiac unit suffering from mild heart attacks. These men are so out of shape, that all the head spinning, beer guzzling and wing sucking forced there fat tired bodies into overload."

I guess I could've read. Instead I zoned out to the Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav. Totally hysterical, and very un-PC. The feminist in me cringed at poor Bridgettes vagina jokes, but a roast is a roast is a roast.

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