Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Inner Naomi Camp-bell

So, you know you are too tired when your inner Naomi Camp-bell rears her ugly head at your children, and for what? For simply not listening. How tired can you get? So tired, tired enough to yell when you don't believe in yelling, tired enough to get angry at a happy smiling 3 year old for not doing what a tired cranky 38 year old wants you to do. Oh man, how did this get to be so hard.

No I didn't pop a valium, have a vodka tonic or beat the shit out of them like some folks shouldn't. Instead I turned on the blessed coffee maker, made four pots and let them destroy the tupperwear cabinet. When they were done w. that and I was 2 cups into a jolt my older son announced it was pee pee on the potty time. So we ran for the potty, and called for the little guy (he just turned 1 and is teething something fierce) to crawl after us. He arrived just in time for the three of us the brush our teeth together. Than it was back down to the kitchen where I talked the big guy into cleaning up with me. At the end of it I was trying to remember what got me so upset to begin with. I love my children so much-but man oh man are they button pushers. Well really only the older one. The baby sometimes bites my nipple and laughs when he is done nursing. I tell him no and he cries when I put it away, but ya gotta set SOME limits!

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