Saturday, September 16, 2006

Upper Lake Fall 2005
So it is pretty amazing the response you get when you tell people you were just laid off. "So how is work?" they say, "Funny you should ask,but I was just laid off..." I have been pretty positive in my responses to people only because I just don't want to get too down about this. It seems like people don't know what to say about that, like they are surprised you are so positive and they get thrown off track. As if they don't know what else to say besides the monologue of support they are ready to spew. Like they are all ready to feel sorry for myself and when I don't say it, they don't know what else to say.

Thing is, as positive as I am it is a lot of shit to deal w/ you know w/ family responsibilities etc. I am feeling super positive, probably because I just don't want to let it get me down. Maybe around the holidays when my husband is going to want to spend $$$ we don't have (as we are already in daycare debt). That is when I will get bummed out. We are living a credit card nightmare. I never in a million years imagined getting married, buying a house and having two kids even when both parents are working fulltime would put a family over the financial edge. I must've been ignoring that part of school-the part where they discussed the demise of the middleclass. Oh that's right this country doesn't like to talk about class issues.

So I figured eventually one of us would lose our job, I guess I always thought it was going to be my husband! Ha, what an ego I have.

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