Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I am so freaking tired. The baby was up coughing from 1-3 am. I had him wrapped in my arms at one point elevated w/ 2 pillows. He finally passed out snoring away-flat on the mattress and I awoke half off half on the pillows to complete pain in my neck and shoulder. Had to go to work of I have an interview tomorrow am-b.c. if you happing to read my blog hahahahaha you will know that well I lost my job. Now I have to interview to get a new job and I am just not feeling the greatest. I feel let down, unready, wishing wanting a new career and freaked out worried angst ridden over the financial impact the loss of my job will have on my family-and I need to go back to school to get my MSN so I can be more marketable. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN! All I want to do is write, write children's books, articles, essays, short stories. Someday I guess.

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Blog Junkie said...

Hang in there - our 8 month old is currently dealing with his first stomach bug for about a week now. And no, it's not easy when you have to deal wtih work on top of that. Good luck on the interview - there is hope!!