Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Bye Bye toxic toys

I am all for boycotting toys made in china these days. I have to go through the toys and start tossing stuff out. Lately the baby is putting everything in his mouth (including small Mattel made in china race cars). It is hard keeping the big brother toys out of his little brothers hands.......I just checked out the website from mattel, our elmo/cookie monster giggle doodle is in recall. I don't know when we purchased it , but it is getting dumped. My baby loved playing with that.
Miguelina posts about it here in her blog. (aka "the diary of a reluctant housewife") She goes on to write that she will having a China free Christmas. I want a China free Birthday/holiday for good. I am sick of worrying about lead paint in my home. It is ridiculous. On top of that I think purchasing small bits of small plastic crap for my kids is ridiculous, unsafe and not good for the environment. I am certainly going to be searching for toys made in america, (or going to ikea to see what they have.)

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