Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wish me luck

After approximately four years of not riding my bike I got on last week and went for a quick ride to see how I would do. It was great! Today I got on and rode 10 miles! I am really proud of myself for being able to do the ride.
First of all it is a hot day here.
Secondly four years and two kids later I am totally fat and out of shape.

This was a great experience for me. I needed to to do this. Lately I have felt my stamina dissolve. I have even felt short of breath while walking-totally frustrating. This depresses me to no end. I had to get on the bike and I did! Oh yea the path I chose was a very hilly road, mostly uphill the entire way. It was worth the quick ride down, I felt like I was flying.

In an effort to feel better about my aging almost forty, saggy baggy momma body I will try to continue on my path of self preservation, and fitness. I am hopeful that I can continue on this path with the support of friends and family, plus others doing the same thing.

Wish me luck!

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Damn Receipt said...

Hello !

I have visited your blog. It has been a pleasure to read you.

I wish you the best.

Damn Receipt.