Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Toxic Toys

Today, my mom ran into Toys R Us while I sat in the car with the boys. It is birthday time here in our household and my mom wanted to get the kids some toys. I was sitting there, (getting the kids to laugh by pretending to sleep and then snorting) all the while thinking, what the hell am I doing here? (I hate toys r us it is a megaplex of hell.)

I really really wanted to stand by my pledge of no more plastic crap in the house. It is environmentally horrible, and it can be painted with lead if it is made in China. I really really really wish there was a toy store in our town, a local place to shop with quality toys. I don't want my kids to be media whores, so buying fun stuff that doesn't look like a super hero/disney character shouldn't be that hard. You know, a fun toy store filled with cool stuff, not mega crap- Anyway now there is a new recall on a art set sold at toys r us. The ink on the wood packaging has lead in it. I guess we are getting what we pay for aren't we?

So I am going back to my pledge, no more toxic toys, and I am seriously thinking it would be so much fun to open my own toy store. Anyone want to invest? I want it to be like the toy store in Hoboken - Big Fun A great store for the kid in all of us.

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