Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bashing Leisure Moms

Ok I swore I would always stand by other mothers, not bash em etc. But I can't stand it anymore. I can't stand the mother's that won't hold the door open for me and my kids going into the daycare. These aren't the moms who are rushing off to work, they always hold the door open. These are the leisure moms with the huge rocks on their fingers driving ugly yellow hummers dropping their kids off at this overpriced "school" for half day or full day (Yeah, my kids finally got into the cheap YMCA in our neck of the woods so I can blow this crap out of the water soon at least by Sept. when they start...). Anyway back to the leisure moms with their perfect hair and pink or french manicured nails. So freakin' rude rush rush rush to your gym/aerobics class. But when you bump into another mom driving a mercedes stop and talk and schmooze, don't move out of the way for my car sit and hang out in the lot and bullshit while I try to get to work. Gddamn why do these women always have to be blonde and always skinny wearing work out clothing. UGH I CAN'T STAND THEM!!!!

Is this about class, jealousy or rudeness-ugh I cannot stand these women. I wish they would wake up and stop being so freakin' obnoxious. Just hold the door for me. You see I have two children, you see me every day or don't you? Maybe I am invisible to you? That could be-they could be like the cheerleaders in HS who thought everyone who wasn't one of them were invisible. Oh my gd ladies grow the fuck up and take your blinders off!

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