Saturday, May 26, 2007

Rant and Roll

What to write about today? I have about 30 min. of free time. I should be outside gardening but the damn mayflies are eating me alive. When the hell do they go away. Bluesman took the kids out to pick up fuel for our party tomorrow and pizza for dinner. I am listening to one of my fav. cds: New Olreans Funk Everything on it is fabulous, I don't think there is one song I don't like all by various artists from NO. Anyway, I really am tired-so I don't know what to post. So I guess I will write about fun kid facts:
The other day my baby looked out the window and said "bluejay! look!" I was totally impressed by the fact that my 20 month old son knew the giant blue bird scarfing down seed was a bluejay.

Today my older son (3 1/2)lied to me....he came upstairs and said "Mommy I finished my lunch are you happy with me?" Of course I said yes, then the two brothers had a potty fest. The big boy on the grown up potty and the baby sitting on the little one. My older son must've inspired the baby because as soon as the baby heard the older one peeing he said "noise momma noise" grabbed his penis and peed away on the little potty. A big fuss was made, we went down to the kitchen and what did I find in the garbage? The older guys lunch. Man was I pissed and broken hearted. The first big lie, said to make me happy. Where am I screwing up? Anyway a "real" punishment was had, not a little lame time out on the steps, but a sit in your bedroom and think about what you did/guilt for making mommy so upset punishment. What happened in the end? "Mommy what does lying mean?" I don't think I got very far....all and all he is a great kid, so it just hurts so much when I have to be all upset with him. I can't stand yelling at him! Plus, my babies are growing up!

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