Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sanity in the year 2007-does it really exist?

I don't really get to post much anymore. I am working too much. I am trying desperately to exercise also. I can't seem to do much of that. I am a health care professional, part of my job is to tell patients that it is really important to eat healthy and find time to exercise. I can't even do that, what the hell gives me the right to say this, when I can't even figure out how to get that agenda across to myself!?

The thing that kills me is that I work for an organization that is dedicated to helping the lives of women. You would think that as an organization they would really encourage a realistic working environment for their staff. I mean 15 min lunch breaks (my fault really I hate making patients wait the typical 2hr. wait...), but if I could get a proper lunch break (which they don't even pay for) I could maybe go to a gym....and be healthy and be able to give out good advice and own up to it myself. I found out from someone at work that if you work for Benjamin Moore Corp Headquarters-they actually buy the staff a lunch everyday. Isn't that nice?

Please don't tell me to work out later or earlier, it just won't happen in my household I have tried. I need a lunch/gym break. I need an nanny, a wife, and a secretary. I need a more sane life!I need a million dollars! I need to shut up and stop ranting like a crazy person and bend over like the good worker bee I am and just keep on workin'.


Kandice said...

I used to say that all the time when I was working...I need a wife. It's the truth! Hang in there!

SFSweetness said...

take your lunch break and take care of yourself - your employer certainly is not going to do it for you...