Monday, May 21, 2007

Fire Island Lighthouse

We went to the Fire Island Lighthouse today for my mom. She is moving from LI (where she lived her entire life) to New Olreans in 3 days. The move is huge for her so I figured I would take her back to Fire Island and we would visit the lighthouse which my older son refers to as "Bebahs lighthouse" (Bebah is my mother). It was an important trip because the ocean has always been an important part of my mothers life. She grew up on Long Beach LI and spent most of her summers at the beach. She also used to volunteer at the lighthouse on Fire Island. My son also really wanted to go back and visit and kept asking my mom when she was going to take her. It was a great day. Besides the traffic to and from LI it was really terrific. The sun was out, the sky was blue. Hellicopters and boats and even diggers were part of the trip. My kids enjoyed seeing the lighthouse and walking around it. Hearing the kids on a school trip yelling down at us from the top of the lighthouse "hello people down there" the baby turned and waved to them. We saw lots of birds on the walk including redwing black birds and yellow warblers. The water was cold and the baby freaked out about having sand on his hands and feet. He was also scared of the water. However my oder son had a blast and was running back and forth to the water, collecting shells and digging in the sand. Even the baby eventually got over his fear of the "noise mamma, noise" from the waves crashing and enjoyed a blue shark kite blowing in the breeze. It truly was a nice day with my mom and the kids before she leaves.

My mom had a terrific time-until we got home and had to deal with the medicare fiasco. They aren't paying her MD bills b.c. they screwed up her info. So now she won't go to the Dr. b.c. she is angry that medicare isn't paying her MD bills. It is horrible. So beware sucky government DMV healthcare system. If my mom gets sicker b.c. of your incompetent behavior we will SUE THE PANTS OFF YOU!!!

Other than that, a thousand blessings for a picture perfect day at the beach and all before memorial day weekend!

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