Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bear Poop and Bird watching Spring Fun!

A couple of funny things happened this past week involving the bird feeder, bear poop and a red breasted grosbeak. Click here for sound.
First my eldest son was having a fit about something and I refused to give in. He went from the kitchen into the living room crying. One minute later there was silence. I was so happy I ate my dinner and almost didn't notice. The next thing I hear him yelling for my mom to "come quick". She walks into the living room and gets real excited, and yells for me to come in also. I am like "great it is probably another freaking cardinal, I will act excited...."My son loves seeing the male and female cardinals at the bird feeder. After awhile it gets tiresome. I mean I love the birds and all, but ok I can be a grump...Anyway, I get there and he is jumping up and down with excitement. "Mommy mommy a new bird, I think it is in your bird book!!!" I look up and sure enough it is a new bird. I go to the bird ID pages for red, black and white and what do we see? Not one but three red breasted grosbeaks, all males. The female showed up about 15 minutes later. At this point I am feeling like a jerk for even considering not looking at something a 3 1/2 year old is excited about. At the same time I am like beaming with pride. My kid is observant, and excited about watching for birds. I am so lucky. Who cares if he screams like a wild wombat when I don't let him get everything he wants, that is normal...I am thrilled he is the way he is!

Funny thing #2

So a bear was snooping around our house. Day one the neighbors saw him and took a picture of him by my car at 6 am. Day 2 our bird feeders were knocked to the ground, and puncture marks were found in one of them. Both feeders were opened and dumped out. Our feeders are squirrel proof on some sort of a baffle thing. I knew it wasn't a squirrel-could it have been a bear. Later in the week my husband and I took the kids down to the green. What was down there? No not a bear, but we almost stepped into some ginormous poop. I mean huge and it was riddled with seed, bird seed. I am guessing it was from the bear!

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