Saturday, May 19, 2007

Life in This Crazy Household

I am not sure why I haven't written about this yet, perhaps it is because I know my mother sometimes reads my blog....My mom is moving out. Yep she has been living with us for about 4 months now. I knew it was only temporary, and I am really sad that she is leaving, but I also know it is for the best. Our home isn't big enough for her to have her own apt. Plus she has a circulation disorder and this winter was absolutely brutal for her. She is moving down south, to her own apt. in New Olreans to live near my younger sister and her two boys. (By the way NO is the home of the late Ernie K. Doe who sang the lovely song, "Mother-In-Law" which my husband loves to hum under his breath when things got a little nutty here....)

My mom being here has had its ups and downs. She has her "issues" and it is hard for her to sometimes deal with the way we do things here. But it has also been a lot of fun, especially for my boys. They love having her here. My mom has been picking them up from daycare early for me, watching them while they were sick all sorts of fabulous things that have helped us. Besides doing occasional cooking, lots of laundry and food shopping. So the question is, what am I going to do now that she is leaving? I survived the first four months of a new job only because my mother was here to help with the kids when they were sick. Now what will happend? Will we totally fall apart here? I hope not. I guess it will go back to the scramble it was before this beautiful reprieve in our lives.

So after next week, we shall see-what will life be like in this crazy household

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