Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day Sadness

So I went to my first Memorial Day parade since I was in little league or a girl scout whichever came last. I remember marching down Larkfield Road and being so happy-clueless about what I was marching about. Today watching the parade and the older men of Sloatsburg who are vets shoot off blanks from their ancient combat rifles-my husband held the ears of the baby and I cried.

So many people are dying in Iraq and Afghanistan and for what? So many people from such diverse age categories, financial, social and ethnicities. I want to cry for all of them. I thought of Darfur, the Middle East, the people of the former Yugoslavia. And I think all of these wars are fought for what? Religion? Human nature? Money? Oil? What is it that causes us to never evolve enough to stop killing each other? I do not understand it at all. I cried for all the parents today who have lost their children to war. I send them all my love and I pray that one day we will all stop the hatred and stop the violence.
Peace to all



BabyWhisperingLoudly said...


I too am so happy to have found YOUR blog. Saw the clip to the left sidebar and I am reminded that I really need to learn more about Darfur.

I look forward to checking back in. Fight the power with blogging!


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